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Every borrower needs to meet the eligibility criteria required to qualify for a home loan. This ensures that he/she can repay the loan amount effortlessly without defaulting. Failing to meet the eligibility criteria may lead to rejection of the loan application, leaving a negative mark on the individual’s credit profile. So, ensure to complete the processing faster and smoothly by fulfilling the required eligibility criteria. An easier way to check home loan eligibility is by using an online calculator. SuGanta home Loan Eligibility Calculator instantly computes the amount you are eligible to borrow. It helps in better financial planning and reducing the chances of application rejection. This tool also eradicates the hassle of manual calculation completely.

 Factors Determine Home Loan Eligibility

  1. Age Bracket
  2. CIBIL Score
  3. Occupation
  4. Tenure
  5. Existing Monthly EMI
  6. Rate Of Interest

 Frequently asked questions about Eligibility Calculator

1) what are the eligibility criteria for a home loan?

Nationality Indian Residents, Non-Indian Residents
Age Criteria Minimum-18 years
Maximum- 70 years
Total Work Experience At least 2 years of work experience is required
Business Continuity At least 3 years of business continuity is required
Minimum Salary Rs 25000/- per month
Loan To Value (LTV) ratio Up to 90% of property’s value

2) How is eligibility for home loan calculated?

The eligibility criteria for a home loan differ from lender to lender, so once you shortlist a loan, visit the lender’s website to learn more. You can check the specifications, or make use of the eligibility calculator. The calculator will then tell you if you are eligible for a home loan and how much you can borrow. Not only will you know if you are eligible, but you will also know if the loan amount that you are eligible for is in line with what you had in mind.

3) What is the minimum salary requirement for home loan?

You can calculate your home loan eligibility using the home loan eligibility calculator.

4) What are the eligibility criteria for an NRI seeking a home loan?

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