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Ambala is a famous city in Haryana State. It is recognized for its large Indian Army and Indian Air Force occurrence within its cantonment area which was conventional in the year 1843. The cantonment firms the '2 corps', one of the three strike corps of Indian Army and is of massive strategic status. If you want to buy property in Ambala the get the complete details through this article.


About Ambala

Ambala is a lovely city where both Hindi, as well as Punjabi Mix, put can be perceived. It is well associated with excellent roads as well as among the main junction of north India. The town has all types of religion living serenely. Ambala Cantonment is among the largest cantonment in India where all the sources of Army, Navy as well as Air force are extant. It also has an Airforce station. Although nearby Airport is located at the distance of 50 kilometers at international Airport Chandigarh.

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Ambala is also recognized for trigging first independence move from here which was previously specified from Meerut. Educational services are also very good. You will find mobile this city the entire day and midnight. The crime rate is nearly negligible surrounded by lovely villages around it. In Nutshell it is amongst the dwellings of Haryana to live.


Reasons to Buy Property in Ambala

Ambala is a city and a public establishment in the Ambala district in Haryana. It is located on the boundary through the state of Punjab and in the nearness of the state capital Chandigarh. Ambala has two sub-areas known as Ambala Cantonment and Ambala City. It is almost three kilometers separately, consequently, it is also known as "Twin City". It has an enormous Indian Army and Indian Air Force occurrence within its cantonment area.


The reasons one should buy property in Ambala are:

  • Connectivity in Ambala - Ambala Cant is a central railway junction of North India. Ambala has situated roughly 30 km from the state capital Chandigarh. Its topographical location is good. It’s at the Punjab - Haryana border.

Advantageous Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand states are also in the adjacent neighborhood. Delhi is 200 km commencing Ambala. It has very upright connectivity together by road and by rail. NH1 goes concluded Ambala. The adjacent airport is in Chandigarh.

  • Life in Ambal - Ambala gives a lovely, warm small urban vibes. More persons will speak Punjabi here than the respite of Haryana. Ambala city is also well-known for its clothes. In the marriage season, it’s a busy market. People from adjacent states come here for a wider range of sarees.
  • Food in Ambala - Ambala city is a foodie's delight. Rather than superior hotels, you will find amply of awesome street food. Owing to its closeness to Punjab, there are Punjabi food flavors.
  • Weather in Ambala - The weather in Ambala is a typical northern city climate like that of Delhi. You will get here foggy chilling winters and warm summers. Overall Ambala is a true Indian city that secretions out love and warmth for everyone who’s there to obtain.
  • Traffic - Because Ambala is a small city you will never meet any traffic problem. It has a robust army and air force presence so it is one of the most significant junctions of north India as you can understand from the railway connectivity.
  • Tourism - One cannot overlook the most significant thing;it’s next to Chandigarh India’s most attractive city. So, it makes this place a good tourist spot as well.People from different areas come here to spend their holidays.
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