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Bellary is an eminent city in the state of Karnataka. It is famous for the historical place called Hampi and mines. It also has a famous Jindal steel in Toranagallu. Hampi University is also very prominent, which is located near Kamalapur and is called Kannada Vishwavidyalaya. The city has many other important points. It would be a great place to live.


About Bellary

Bellary is the premium small city having more educational organizations. It is described as a “steel hub” because of iron mining which is positioned just thirty kilometers away from the city. It is not that costly place compared to another metropolis. So, it is a nice place to live and buy a property.

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Reasons to Buy Property in Bellary

Education: Excluding for the medical college VIMS, are also some other good colleges. The town has two engineering colleges, an Ayurveda college, some good pharmacy collages, and quite a good number of commerce colleges. Two colleges offer a BSc course. Some good entrance exam coaching centers are also available. Be it for medical, engineering or any others.

Jobs: There are quite a decent number of productions in and around the city like JSW, KPTCL and many more. There are not many chances for the IT sector.

Life: Bellary may not a very advanced city but people are quite modern and educated. You don't find any big malls, multiplexes, or pubs in the city. Persons here can speak Telugu in accumulation to Kannada. You can also find numerous immigrants from AP and Telangana. Traffic is not that high in this city. The cost of living is not too high and it would be decent enough.

The city is also known for its world-renowned jeans manufacturing. You can get decent variability of jeans pants at a very reasonable price.

Food: The food is great at this place. You can not miss the hot and curried Vagani and Mirchi in the evenings which the superior snack of the city.

Various restaurants serve you awesome foods like Bombay chats, china town, nakshatra, Mayura, bacha, and ice jungle. The list goes on and on the most beautiful part is the street food. You can get it in the late evening's dosa, idli and vaggarniMirchi will crack any normal being to a foodie.


Places to Visit

There are a good number of residences to visit n and nearby the city. The first item you can never miss is the cultural city of Hampi. There are further places like Bear Sanctuary, Sandur tracking spots, TB dam, and Bellary fort. There are a few resorts in Hospet. If you are a college scholar there a decent number of places you can discover on your bike.

If you stride for half an hour along any one of the numerous highways leading out of Ballari you are immediately elated to fairyland. The places can get very quiet and your mind tends to stroll. The land has a powerful effect on you.

If fast strode excitement is what you desire, then Ballari may not be the place for you. But if you provide this terrestrial a chance and let it's magic grasp you. You can never be content since there is so much to discover and experience here.

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