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Dewas is a very prevalent city in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in Malwa District. The city has many qualities that make it one of the most famous cities in Madhya Pradesh. Get complete details about this city in this article.


About Dewas

Dewas is a decent town with a handful of amenities required for daily lives. There are an enormous number of industries and some finance companies as well. They provide chances for employment to the organization and other pass outs. However, persons need to head towards Indore or other cities for better prospects. There are also well-known temples such as MaaChamundaTekri and Kaila Devi. People visit these temples daily and worship and rejoice Navratri and other major festivals. The hygiene is also quite good in the city. Farming is also decent in village areas.

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Best Things to do on weekends in Dewas

There are so many things to do on weekends in this big city. If you are attentive to do some trekking and escapade then, the Chamunditakri is best for you, not only for trekking but also. It is the best place for spending time with family and friends who are close.

Also if you are liked more spiritual people then also it are a very virtuous place for you. Kela Devi temple and so many other sacred temples you will find in Dewas.

Sahaja yoga meditation center can also be a great experience. its really very respectable and very useful place for everybody. Everyone should visit and try it ones in life. There are so many centers available for Sahaj yoga meditation, not only in Dewas or India but also worldwide. In many countries its free of cost. There is no need to pay money for this spiritual experience.

If you like some dismay and ghost type experience then kali masjid is best for you to visit on a weekend with friends.

Also in Dewas, there is a note press called a banknote press. Dewas is like an industrial area, where you can find so many industries. There are many leather companies also available.


Reasons to Buy Property in Dewas

As the name proposes it is an abode of God essentially Goddess. MaaDevasini sits at the top The Dewastekri hill supervising the city and it's visible from everywhere. Dewas is the district headquarter for Dewas district but it impressions more like an exurbia of Indore as it's only 20 min away from Indore. Dewas also has BNP where most of India's currency is printed and it is one of the most protected nonmilitary fittings in India. There are many industries in this city like Parle, John Deere, and Ramco.

  • People of Dewas - Dewas is a very nice dwelling to live in as you'll feel like living in a suburb of Indore and can get virtually all that you'll be able to get in Indore. People of this city are the most humble people one will come across.
  • Eateries in Dewas - Ola ZOMATO swiggy all of these are accessible in Dewas and there are many good restaurants also. Then there's Sayaji Gate which is Dewas's version of 56 shops. And if you want just go to the original 56 shops in 40 min and enjoy it there. Various restaurants serve very delicious food.
  • Connectivity - The city is very well connected. You can easily find conveyance from roads, to rails and everything.
  • Safety - The city is very safe and clean as well. It is one of the cleanest cities in the entire region.
  • Lifestyle - People are generally very simple and acquire a decent lifestyle here.
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