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Punjab is famous for its food and happy people. Jalandhar is a city in Punjab. In this article, we are giving complete information about Jalandhar city and investment in property in this city. You can buy all kinds of commercial and personal property in Jalandhar. These localities are available at affordable prices and are a good place to live.

Speciality of Jalandhar

Jalandhar is a renowned city in the north-western Indian state of Punjab. It is alleged to be the oldest city in Punjab. Jalandhar today, is an extremely developed center and India's leading producer of world-class sports equipment.

Organically, Jalandhar is situated between the fertile agricultural land of the Beas and Sutlej rivers. It creates a good arcade for agricultural products. Other products contrived in this region include leather goods, fabrics, and wood yields.

Jalandhar has seen a steep inclination in the real estate market in current times owing to the rate of urbanization. It is also because of the ease of connectivity over both roadways and railways to all the major cities in the area counting Delhi. The development of the real estate market can also be accredited to the attentiveness of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who are heavily devoting in this fast-developing sector of Jalandhar. So, these facts reveal that it is a great idea to invest in this city for future benefits.

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Things you have to know about Jalandhar environment

These are some interesting facts about Jalandhar that one should know:

  • Population and Statistics - The population of Jalandhar as per the 2011 Census, is 8, 62, 196. The urban population, on the other hand, is 8, 73, 725. Jalandhar has a sex ratio of 883 women per 1000 men which is quite appreciable. The child sex ratio is lesser, standing at 867 girls per 1000 boys.

The same reports specify an average literacy rate in the city. It is at 85.46% with male literacy rate at 87.97% and female literacy rate being 82.63%.

  • History of Jalandhar - The city of Jalandhar was previously known as Jullundhar. It has always been famous because of various reasons including culture, art crafts, and people.

  • Healthcare Services - The city has the maximum number of hospitals in India. You can get the best treatment in this city.

  • Some Noticeable Things - Jalandhar Cantonment is one of the hoariest cantonments in India, the building of which was started in 1848. It represents the old era of Jalandhar.

Jalandhar is also recognized as the sports city of India. Sports materials contrived here are exported to various countries.

The city is one of the prime centers of the vernacular press in India. These presses are very old and print the largest presses in India.

Jalandhar positions second in India in the rate of urbanization. The main reason for this is the fast-growing industrialization and success rate.

Industrial manufacture of sports goods, which began on a small scale throughout the late 40s, has full-fledged at an inspiring rate. Now, Indian sports imports are transferred to different countries

Weather in Jalandhar - Jalandhar's climate is considered by hot and dry summers and rainy and humid monsoons. But this city has cool and happening whether that is best for spending some great days of vacation.

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