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Shimla is an eminent city in Himachal Pradesh. The city is famous for its beautiful locations and views. Tourist from around the world comes here in summers. Take a glance at the noticeable things about this city in this article.


About Shimla

Shimla is popularly recognized as the Summer Refuge. It was a summer principal in the days of colonial rule, and remnants an escape from the boiling summer heat even today. The year 1906 was essential in the creation of the city what it is today. When the Kalka-Shimla railway line was placed in that year, it made the area more available for people.

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History of Shimla

Shimla has had the honor of being unbroken Punjab’s capital till 1971, afterward Himachal Pradesh was unglued from Punjab. The head office of the Shimla region is the city of Shimla. The city has countless shrines, palaces, and colonial buildings, enticing tourists from all over the world.

Location - Farming, horticulture, and travel are its main industries in this city. The mountainous region is covered by forests casing an area of 1,30,411 hectares. The data is according to the archives of the government of Himachal Pradesh. The big forests make a significant influence on Shimla’s economy too.


Stats and Facts about Shimla

Population - As per the provisional reports of the 2011 census the population of Shimla is 1, 71,817.

Sex Ratio - As per the census, Shimla has a sex ratio of 818 females per 1000 males which is decent. But the child sex ratio is 890 per 1000 boys which are getting better.

Literacy rate - The regular literacy rate in the town is high 94.67%, of which the female literacy rate is 95.75% and that of the male is 93.35%.

Political View - Allan Octavian Hume was active in Shimla, when he along with others, formed the Indian National Congress (ING). It played a vigorous role in India’s fight for freedom. It was the protuberant town of colonial times having many colonial structures.

Agriculture - Shimla’s agrarian sector has changed over the years to comprise horticulture. It makes it one of the main cash crops in the district. Since the uneven terrain doesn’t allow big tracts of land to be easily cultivated, poly houses have industrialized in the country areas. The temperature skillful poly houses have assisted recover the economic state of these areas.

Connectivity - The city is well connected for everyone to be used decently. The adjacent airport is about 23 km away. It is baptized the Jubbarhatti Airport, which bargains flight facilities to Chandigarh, Delhi, and Dharamsala. Severe weather conditions occasionally cause the airport to be bolted so Chandigarh airport is the next best possibility. Bhuntar and Gaggal airports are also available to be used in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

People of Shimla - The place is known to have the warmest and kind-hearted people. Visitors who come here enjoy the hospitality of the people around the city. You will feel that you don’t need to panic about any situation. Help will be given to the needy ones.

Government Facilities - The government is very alert in this place and provides all facilities. From the water, electricity to healthcare services all is available.



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