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Warangal is one of the most prevalent cities in Andhra Pradesh. It assists as a major urban center for the educational, medical, transaction, and cultural needs of the people in the Telangana region. If you are thinking of relocating to this city, then it is probably a good idea. Read the idea to know the details about properties there.


Real Estate Market in Warangal

The Warangal real estate market has proven, in the recent past, to be stable and resilient.

There is a demand for Warangal apartments in the price range of Rs. 20 to Rs 35 lakh while for villas it is in the price range of Rs. 40 to 65 lakh. In the commercial property, segment demand is slowly growing for office spaces, both small and large. You can buy all kinds of properties worth living.

All this makes it a good city where you can live. Commercial properties are also good to invest here. People in Warangal are nice.

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About Warangal

Warangal is the largest city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located in the Telangana region of the state. Warangal is about 145 kilometers northeast of the state capital of Hyderabad.

The city is bound by the mighty Godavari River on the northern part, the district has large regions of forest and an array of flora and fauna.

Warangal is well located with outstanding rail and road connectivity. The strong industrial sector in Warangal attracts a lot of people from different parts of the country. Hence, there is a stable demand for housing and land in Warangal. So, people who want to live in this area will experience worthy locality.


Industrialization in Warangal

Cotton is the chief cash crop in the area. Chilly cultivation is also wide-spread in the area. The industrialization is growing good in this city. Micro and small-scale industries in the district mainly consist of agro-based industries like rice mills, flour mills, and turmeric polishing and food products. Warangal is famous for granite quarries which are exported to many other states

Leather tanning is famous in the district of Warangal. Leather products such as bags, jackets, and purses are exported, contributing to the economy.

Fly-ash bricks, cement mosaic tiles, hydrated lime, granite lime, granite tiles, coal fuel briquettes, and cement products are also exported from this region. Warangal has been among the tier-II cities identified by the government and IT firms to set up IT industries


Connectivity in Warangal

Warangal has the greatest connectivity in south Indian cities. The nearest airport is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, located 160 km away from Warangal. A few kilometers away from the city, at Mamnoor, lies a local runway for private jets and cargos.

National Highway 202 from Hyderabad to Bhopalpatnam in Chhattisgarh passes through Warangal and joins NH 7 at Hyderabad. The city is connected all across the national and state highways. There is also a major bus station in Warangal.

The city is connected to many major cities of India by rail and is part of the South Central Railway zone of the Indian Railways. So, people here can walk easily and track their connectivity in a better way.


Infrastructure of Warangal

Warangal has good transport infrastructure, especially because of the presence of a large agriculture base. The traffic and transportation schemes are currently implemented by various departments and agencies like KUDA, South Central Railway, Roads and Buildings (R&B), and the Warangal Municipal Corporation (WMC).

Education and healthcare services in Warangal are also quite impressive. The district has a whole array of schools, colleges, and universities located here, the most famous ones being Kakatiya Medical College and the National Institute of Technology. The same can be said about the network of hospitals in this region. This is also a tourist-friendly place.

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