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Bhilai is an eminent city of Chattisgarh in East-Central India. It is well-known for the Bhilai Steel Plant. It is known to be one of the biggest steel plants in India. This manufacturing city is situated about 25 kilometers away from Raipur. The Bhilai Steel Plant is popular as the sole constructer of rails in India that are used by the Indian Railways. It is a great deal to buy property in this city.


About Bhilai

Bhilai is a relatively quiet place. It is famous for its steel plant known as Bhilai Steel Plant. The city is a decent place to live in. The weather here is mostly hot. The temperature keeps varying between 35-45 degrees Celsius in summers to 13-30 degrees Celsius in midwinters. The persons in Bhilai are very wonderful. You get a sagacity of easiness when you meet these people. The City has got a large quantity of Engineering Colleges.

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It is a safe town full of schools and colleges. Most students come here from diverse places to get graduated. Soon IIT Bhilai is going to inaugurate, therefore the education level will be increased. Apart from these all health facility is available for proper management.

Some noticeable things about Bhilai are:

  • Nanhe's Chai (Famous Tea)
  • Sector 4 Chaat Counter
  • Hariraj Civic Center
  • A Flurry of students all around
  • Ashok Bhutta near Geet Talkies, Civic Center
  • Reasons to Buy Property in Bhilai
  • The city is an abundant place to finance in the property. This city is not ancient and was recognized for the workers of Bhilai Steel Plant.
  • Structure


It is well established in terms of substructure and drainage system, unlike Durg or Raipur.

  • Traffic and connectivity - One cannot typically give traffic as a reason for being late. Great traffic management is available. You will barely find any chaos on the roads. Just smooth rides are obtainable. Connectivity is quite impressive as you can easily find conveyance for everywhere.
  • Culture - People being brought by altered parts of India to work for BSP, you will catch ethnic diversity in galore. They welcome every faith and culture without any resistance. They are adaptive people.
  • Green Areas - The best part about the city is even after having major workshops and plants like JP cement, ACC and BSP you will find greenery all around. They are very environment-friendly people.
  • Fresh Vegetables As there are so many towns nearby you get fresh veggies and fruits at sensible rates. Moreover laborers are available at inexpensive and reasonable charges for domestic and commercial requirements. So, the area is quite pocket-friendly.
  • Education Hub - As Bhilai is the education hub for the entire Chattisgarh you will find the infancy crowd also. Many schools and good colleges are available here.
  • Shopping Malls - This city isn't dull, unlike other small cities and townships. Big brands and openings are available and they see it as a potential market. There is great obtainability of places to hang out. The civic center is one of the prevalent places in Bhilai where you can go in the evening time for mood refreshment. It is chiefly a shopping center. Huge shopping vittles and malls are also present in Bhilai for brand fans.
  • Safety - The city is safe from any kind of problems whether it's natural or artificial. Furthermore, as this place is located in Central India they don't have fear of Tsunami or fatal floods.

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