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Many of us have heard about IIT Kharagpur, which is located in Kharagpur District. Apart from IIT, Kharagpur is also famous for numerous reasons. In this article, we have given information about various reasons for how Kharagpur is a good place to buy a property.

Beauty of  Kharagpur

Kharagpur is a significant industrial city in the PaschimMedinipur district of West Bengal. It is a multi-cultural and diverse city. Kharagpur is also the most populous city in this district. It is situated 116 kilometers from Kolkata and forms a significant station on Howrah-Mumbai and Howrah-Chennai road and railway way. Kharagpur also has one of the leading railway workshops in India. It is the third-longest railway platform in the world comprising 1072.5 meters. Kharagpur is a nice place. The reason being it's resourceful, green and has a lot of good opportunities for youth.

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Localities in Kharagpur

Some of the best localities in Kharagpur are Malancha, Sanjharia, Puratan Bazar, Jhapatapur Vidyasagarpur, Inda, Talbagicha, and ChotaTengra. These are some of the places where buying land would be a great idea in best rates.

Tourist Place of Kharagpur

There are so many places to visit in Kharagpur. We have made a list of some of the best places that you can go for an outing. This place is so lovely and very standard to live and survive are available. Everything is accessible here which is essential for a good living.

  • Hijli Shaheed Bhawan
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur)
  • Khargeshwar Temple
  • BalajiMandir, Dhekeya, Malancha
  • Kalaikunda Air Base
  • Salua Air Base
  • Railway Garden
  • Hijli eco-park
  • Shri JagannathMandir
  • Cossey riverside
  • Gole Bazaar Durga Temple is known as Gole Bazaar DurgaMandir

Reasons to Buy or Rent your Property at Kharagpur

  • Friendly People - Most of the people living in this area are very down to earth and friendly. They are away from the show off of the urban areas. They prefer a simple life and can survive on simple things. These people never interfere in other’s lives. You can easily gel up with the people living in this area.
  • Safety - The city is very safe for everyone. There is no doubt that you can roam around without any fear. No one will interrupt you or stop you from doing anything decent. So, girls and women can feel safe in this city. Even at odd hours, one can come out of their house if required.
  • Education Institutes - There are many famous schools and colleges in Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur is one such example. There are famous IIT Kharagpur alumni’s that have made their name in history. Schools and colleges of this city provide the best possible education for their children.
  • Tourist Spots - There are many famous places that one can visit. As I have mentioned above about some of the very famous spots. Many people come to visit these places on weekends or during their holidays.
  • Good Food - Many places have good eateries. You can get delicious food at such spots. People from colleges or those who come here for vacations often visit these places. These places are always crowded because of their demand.
  • Affordable Price of Land - If we talk about the trends and cost of property here, then you can get all types of lands in Kharagpur.  From small houses to big villas, apartments, kothis and commercial property every kind of need can be fulfilled here.

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Q: How can I rent out my house in a well procedure?

Certain points to rent your house perfectly:-

  1. Make a financial plan.
  2. Set a rental rate.
  3. Have a property management plan.
  4. Learn landlord tenant law.
  5. Set rental policies and write a lease.
  6. Create a marketing plan to rent your house.
  7. Meet and screen potential tenants.
  8. Document your rental and protect their security deposit.
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