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South Indian part has many famous states and cities. Vellore is one such city in Tamil Nadu. The city is renowned for its outstanding forts, majestic temples, and natural phenomena. People from different parts come here for vacations. In this article, we have given the complete information about this city.


About Vellore

Vellore is a pretty trivial city, located in Tamil Nadu.  It is typically known for two big organizations Christian Medical College (CMC), and Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). While most of the students here praise about the quality of life here, people of other cities also enjoy living here.

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Historical Meaning of Vellore

Vellore originates from the word Vel of Lord Muruga. Vellore has also one additional name Veyillur from the hot weather that is perceived here all over the year. Vellore stands on the rows of the river Palar. In this river, the water is as white as milk.


Education Institutions in Vellore

VIT and CMC are world-known institutions of Vellore. Life inside the estate of VIT is pretty contented. The substructure is very good and amenities to exceed hope. There are many spaces to eat and hang out as students.

However, the hostel and campus instructions make it a little problematic to appreciate this as students.


Food Options

When talking about local food, Ambur biriyani is world-famous. Many people who come to this way stop here to have this biriyani. Along with this verkadalaiMuruku, ThimmapetaiNippat, are famous food spots here.

The areas of both VIT and CMC have an excess of options to eat out.  It may not be as upright as metropolitan cities but still appears decent.  There are errands areas around CMC which you have to know precisely like officers lane.


Places to Visit

For a weekend you can also discover the hills nearby the place for Trekking.  The Vellore Castle and the golden temple which is positioned at a distance of one hour from Vellore are also good selections for the first-timers.

There are a significant amount of hill stations to visit in Vellore. Yelagiri Hills, Javadu hills, and Amirthi National Park are some famous places to visit.

Whenever we say Vellore, the Vellore fort primarily comes to picture. This fort is enclosed by water. This fort was assembled by a Reddy monarch and as a clandestine passage to Virinchi Puram. Now, this castle serves as a Jail and also lines a temple, mosque and a church.



There is only one small cinema hall which shows Hindi movies throughout the year. But nowadays some good AC theatres are impending up which have shown for English movies occasionally.



The city is very well connected by roads, rails, autos.  Now observing at the downside,  the auto charges from VIT campus to any domicile are quite high and the auto people don't bargain so much.  The temperature during the summers is high and makes day to day doings quite problematic.  The commuting can be sometimes a headache since there isn't an airport in Vellore so for a flight voyage you either go to Chennai or Bangalore. 



Shopping options are quite partial and for those who love malls,  there are not any. So, street shopping and small shops are the available options.

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