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Gone are the days, when people only wanted to buy property in big cities, now they buy properties in small cities as well. The fact, though these cities are small but they offer all the facilities to the residents and the city gives them numerous places to visit that can make their day. 

Let us talk about the most famous place of the city.

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Bidar Fort 

Bidar Fort is located in Bidar district of Karnataka which is the most famous tourist spots in the state. Fort was built in 1427 AD by Alla-Ud-Din Bahman of the Bahman vicinity, when he shifted the capital to Bidar from the place called as Gulbarg.

Name of fort is after name of district - Bidar, which is derived from the Kannada word 'bidiru', means bamboo. As in past times, the region was forested with the bamboo trees, therefore it was called 'Bidaroor', which got converted to Bidar.


Fort is situated at an elevation of 2,200 feet above sea level. Structure of fort exhibits Persian style of architecture. Many mosques, arches, gardens, palaces were constructed inside as well as outside fort. The layout of the fort is in quadrangular shape, with 1.21 kilometer of length & 0.80 km of width. Periphery of fort premises is 4.1 kilometers. Most of the structures of fort got ruined with passage of time, yet remains are well conserved. These remains encompass kitchens, bathrooms, pavilions, halls of meetings for entertainment & mosques etc.

Remains of Fort

Solah Khamba Mosque

It is the main attraction of fort that lies inside the fort complex. It was constructed in 1327 AD. Mosque has long prayer hall, with 19 passageways, supported by the 18 round pillars. Rest region of mosque is supported by the 60 round pillars. Main dome of the mosque is in a flattish shape, that is adorned with the amazing carvings.

Gagan Mahal

It is public audience hall that is decorated with splendid mosaics. Palace can be approached via black granite steps, interlinked between the red sandstone. Palace is adorned with arches & colored tiles.

Rangin Mahal

It is the impressive building of fort complex that is gracefully ornamented with attractive carving works & wooden furnishings. Floor of the palace is made of the glassy mosaics. It was utilized as a place of worship.

Zenana Palace

It was made for royal ladies of fort that reflects Persian architecture style. Walls of the palace are brightened with the painted murals.

Takhat Mahal, Lal Bagh, Watch Tower, Deewan-E-Am & gardens are some other highlights of Bidar Fort.


Keeping magnificent metal craft of Bidar city alive

Bidriware is made from an alloy of copper and zinc. Zinc content offers alloy dark black colour. 

Bidriware articles are highly sought after.

When you use the word metal then delicate is not word which comes to our mind.

Yet, Bidriware articles are exquisitely & intricately carved. At a time when this craft - a metal handcraft that was developed in the 14th century during Bahamani Sultans period in Bidar city — is losing the popularity, 64-year-old Shah Rasheed Ahmed Quadri, Bidriware craftsman, stands with pride. 

For Rasheed, Bidriware is the thing his family has been involved with for several years.

Speaking to a reputed newspaper, he says he is the 3rd generation from family to be involved in making & sale of Bidriware articles after his grandfather Mohammed Quadri & his father Mustafa Quadri.

“My father was against me that I continued it since he did not earn a lot from this skill. But I was excited on learning craft. In year 1970, after completing matriculation, I started learning it from father,” Rasheed says.

“Though I have led a satisfactory life in the last 50 years & earned name & fame, I live in rented house as I don’t earn much from craft. Both my sons are disinterested in continuing the craft,” Rasheed says.

He earns Rs 30,000-35,000 per month. He employs 02 permanent workers & pays them Rs.300 on per day basis.

If he gets bulk orders then he works with the other artisans. 

It takes between 2 hours & 20 days, depending on intricacy, to make the Bidriware articles.

Small articles such as keychain could be made within 02 hours. Rasheed sells articles in exhibitions across the country and in foreign nations as well.

Bidriware techniques are influenced by the Persian art

It was first brought to the nation India by Sufi Khwaja Hasan Chisti in form of utensils. Art form developed in Bidar city was a blend of art from Turkey, Persia & local styles that led to matchless style of its own. 

Making Bidriware involves eight-stage procedure moulding, smoothening, designing by chisels, engraving, pure silver in laying, smoothing for one more time, buffing & finally oxidising by soil & ammonium chloride.

It is said that the soil of Bidar city is special. Some artisans feel that soil is away from sunlight & rain for years & therefore it has good oxidizing properties.

Others believe that part of fort from where soil is brought was mine & therefore metal extracts in soil make it unique.

Artisans say that quality of Bidri earth is important & real art lies in testing mud. It is tasted by artisans with tongues.

Another vital thing is that all process, starting from the casting to oxidation, is done by the hands & therefore it is time-consuming & highly expensive pursuit.

Some years ago, Rasheed trained 20 folks under government scheme. Today, there are 250 registered artisans & 100 unregistered ones who make articles out of Bidriware. 

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