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Bokaro is a famous city in Jharkhand. The city makes a noteworthy contribution to the manufacturing sector in India. People living in this city earn well from the industrial sector. There are many good opportunities in this city. Find all the important information in this article.


Real Estate Market in Bokaro

The city is prevalent among some of the main real estate developers because of the high rate of industrialization in the steel city. The traveling population of the city is very high, giving the real estate sector a lot of possibilities to grow.

The well-ordered infrastructure amenities of the city have contributed to the economy of the city which in turn has assisted real estate growth. Bokaro steel city is one of the firmest developing cities in South Asia.

Residential and marketable land valuation rates have been growing exponentially over the years due to the augmented infrastructural projects being constructed in Bokaro Steel City.

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About Bokaro

Jharkhand has many prevalent cities and Bokaro is one of them. Bokaro Steel City is an important trade center in eastern India. It is an extremely industrialized area and houses the biggest Indian steel plant.

The municipality lies in the Chhotanagpur Plateau. It is adorned with twisting streams and ordered valleys. The city virtually seems like a little version of India because of the merger of people here and activities that take place in the urban. The people of Bokaro are also very friendly and gel easily with everyone.


Industries in Bokaro

Bokaro has seen great industrialization in recent years. The Bokaro Steel Plant is the root of the city’s economy. Steel is Bokaro’s major exportable element.

The area has a massive resource of coal deposits. Quartz, sand, limestone, stone, and added minerals are also originated here.

Some of the superior industries situated here are BokaroJaypee Cement Limited and Electrosteel Castings Limited. The latter one is a pipe trade company from Kolkata and BokaroJaypee Cement Limited is a joint project shaped by Jaypee group and the Steel Authority of India (SAIL).

Some of the other large-scale enterprises in Bokaro are:

  • Ashoka Foundry and Equipment Pvt. Ltd
  • Bokaro Laminating Ind., B. L. Organic Pvt. Ltd
  • Eastern Neptha Chemicals Ltd
  • Ferro Scrap Nigam, and Prem Engineering Industry
  • Narve Ram Co. Ltd, Nirmal Equipment Pvt. Ltd, and Quality Rubber Industry

The service sector in Bokaro Steel City is another prominent contributor to the city’s economy. Computer training centers outside Sector 4 and the market nearby selling hardware components for computers has made the region a center for computer studies. The city’s economy is supported by the Bokaro Industrial Area Development Authority.


Infrastructure of Bokaro

Bokaro Steel City is competently planned with extensive four-lane and six-lane roads running through the city, and trees lining the roads. The steel plant has increased infrastructure growth in the region with numerous projects cropping up, in and around the area.


Connectivity in Bokaro

Bokaro has good connectivity within the city and neighboring areas. The adjacent commercial airport is the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi. It is about 120 kilometers away. The airport bids domestic flights to many main cities within India like Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, and Goa. The Bokaro Airport is used only for private tenacities by SAIL and VIPs.

Bokaro Steel City Railway Station is the main station located in the city. It is situated around 12 km from the city’s heart. This place is managed by the South Eastern Railway division of the Indian Railways. It attaches the city to many Indian cities. Some of them are Kolkata, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Chennai, Raipur, Gorakhpur, Visakhapatnam, and Varanasi.

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