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Durgapur is a famous city in West Bengal. The city has a lot of good properties where people can buy lands for commercial and residential purposes. If you are also planning for the same then read on the article to get all the latest details here.


About Durgapur

Durgapur is a city located in West Bengal. It was premeditated by Joseph Allen Stein and Benjamin Polk. This industrial town is one of the most commercial cities in eastern India and is famous as the largest industrial unit in the state.

Geologically, Durgapur deceits on the banks of the river Damodar and is adjacent to leading coalfields in the Ranigunj-Dhanbad zone. Amongst the faster-rising cities in West Bengal, Durgapur is recognized for its combined steel plants such as the very well-known Durgapur Steel Plant. For this reason, the city of Durgapur is mentioned as the Steel City.

However, Durgapur is not only famed for the manufacture of steel but also for its rice fields. It is considered to be one of the biggest production zones in the country.

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Properties For Buy In Durgapur City


The industrial sector in Durgapur entices a lot of people from crossways India. The credit for the same goes to the swift development in segments like infrastructure, industry, education, and IT firms.  Durgapur has seen a piercing growth in the real estate arcade.


Infrastructure of Durgapur

Being the second prearranged city in India, Durgapur has outstanding transport infrastructure, particularly because of the occurrence of a large industrial base. The economy being chiefly industrial in nature, the real estate substructure has also remained robust and resilient. All this can make it to be one of the powerhouses of India with some best features seen nowhere.


Industrial Development in Durgapur

The city is baptized as the Steel City because of the rich steel industry. The well-known Durgapur Steel Plant, one of the united steel plants of Steel Authority of India Limited, has frolicked a historically significant part in the industrial growth of India.

Besides steel, the town also constructs bricks and tiles, coke gas and, coal-mining machinery. The city of Durgapur is a delivery point for hydroelectric power produced by the dams on the river Damodar. The region is has got the honor to be the first fertilizer plant in West Bengal.

Small businesses in the region comprise cutlery, cart-making, clay image-making, dairy, gold and silver smithy, lime creation, carpentry, and leatherwork. Software facilities have also been growing rapidly in this area with many IT companies investing in the city.


Healthcare and Education

Healthcare and education facilities in Durgapur are also quite good. The city has an entire array of schools, colleges, and universities positioned here. Some of the distinguished ones are the Durgapur Institute of Advanced Technology and Management, the National Institute of Technology, and the National Power Training Institute. Good healthcare facilities are very important for a rising city and nation. Education is the backbone of the society so schools that make the future of a country are most important to be considered while buying a property.


Connectivity in Durgapur

Durgapur is a well-planned and connected city. The nearby international airport to Durgapur is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. It is about 175 km away. It is the largest airport in Eastern India. It connects Kolkata to other cities and countries.

Just like by road, Durgapur can be simply gotten by rail. The city is well linked to almost all major dwellings of Bengal and also to numerous cities in India. So, one can easily come and go from this city to all the big cities in India.

State Highway 9 and National Highway 2 also known as the Grand Trunk Road pass through the city jurisdiction. National Highway 60 also attaches Durgapur with Orissa and South India. By these things, people can think of buying and renting g good properties in Durgapur. It is worth investing in such a nice city.

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