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Erode is a famous city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was previously part of great Kongu Nadu. Erode is the seventh biggest urban collection in Tamil Nadu and is the managerial headquarters of the Erode District. It is positioned on the banks of Kaveri. The place was a portion of historical Kongu Nadu. Since then it has been administrated at different eras by the Early Pandyas, Medieval Cholas, and Madurai Nayaks, the kingdom of Mysore. Some Carnatic kingdom and the British also ruled there. It is located at the center of the South Indian Peninsula, about 400 kilometers southwest of the state capital Chennai and around 80 kilometers east of Coimbatore. It is a perfect place to live including many reasons. In this article, we have given information about Erode and the people of this area. Please go through the article to get the complete information.


About Erode

Erode is well-known for turmeric and textile goods. The district overall is characterized by sandy rainfall and dry weather. But the weather is quite decent at times. Bhavani, Cauvery, and Noyyal are the chief rivers of the region. Another important river is Palar in the North. Palar establishes the boundary between the Erode district and Karnataka National in the North. Erode is one of the few privileged districts in the State which can increase of widespread forest area.

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Properties For Buy In Erode City

The famous shrines of the city are Periamariamman Temple, Natadreeswarar Temple, ArudraKabaliswarar Temple, KasthuriAranganathar Temple, and PariyurKondathuKaliamman. Guests can visit some lovely churches in Erode which are Saint Mary's Church and Brough Church. It is a sociological museum, which portrays the life history of Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. ThanthaiPeriyar Memorial House is the prominent museums in the city. Sankagiri Castle and Vellode Birds Preserve are other tourist fascinations around the city.


Facts and Statistics

Some facts about Erode include:

  • Erode is one of the main creators of turmeric in India and is the chief producer of hand-loom and knitwear.
  • Erode Junction railway station is a chief rail junction in Salem dissection of Southern Railway.
  • ThandhaiPeriyar was native of Erode.
  • Some Interesting places in Erode are:
  • Temple for ArudraKabaleeswar
  • KasthuriRanganathaPerumal
  • ThindalMurugan Temple
  • PeriyaMariamman Temple and Natadreeswarar Temple
  • E.V.R Corporation Museum and ThanthaiPeriyar Memorial House
  • Erode has enclosed by 3 rivers as its border.


Reasons to Buy Property in Erode

Erode has become the leading city in Tamil Nadu. Here are the reasons that say why it would be a great idea to buy property in Erode.

  • Smart City Project - Erode is deliberated for smart city projects one of twelve in Tamil Nadu districts.
  • Education - In the field of education, Erode District has logged remarkable attainment. There are several well-established schools and colleges making students go for the usual degree and post-graduate degree courses in various twigs of science and humanities.
  • Forest Area - Erode is one of the few privileged districts in the State which can increase of extensive forest area. 27.7% of the total region area is below forests.
  • Industries and Trade - In the Trade map of Tamil Nadu, Erode district has a place of sole importance with 40.32 percent of the population contingent on the non-agricultural sector. Industries and trade occupy a place of fame in the economy of the district. Industries that succeeded in early days in the area were handloom weaving, carpet trade, cart manufacturing, oil-pressing, and brass vessel engineering.
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