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Madhya Pradesh is a famous state having a renowned city called Guna. It is developing at a faster rate in recent times in terms of industrial progress, tourism, and cultivation. It is a very famous city. The city brags of some sacred places, ancient monuments, and restaurants. It would be a great vacation idea to explore the city and find out what is in store. You can get complete details about Guna city in this article. It is a noteworthy fact that buying a property in Guna is a great idea.


About Guna

Guna has been a renowned city from the times of some epic stories. The city lies in the north-eastern banks of River Parbati which is located on the Malwa Plateau in Madhya Pradesh. Guna is acknowledged to be the doorway to Chambal and Malwa. For some History buffs that are in search of some exploration Guna is the right tourist destination. Guna is a burg in Guna district in the municipal of Madhya Pradesh. It is a great place for having lots of tourist spots. One can spend entire holidays exploring this city.

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Guna bids a variety of tourist attractions to its staying guests. The mild whisper of nature in a pacific locale is what one would long for in this fast-paced life. Guna is the right domicile that offers this. The splendor of the bygone era can be felt in Guna. They have numerous forts, institutions, gardens, and palaces. Guna has lots to give to a first-time guest. You could go for a holy visit to sacred shrines in Guna and the same period get indulged in some adventure.


People of Guna

Most of the people in Guna are very friendly. You don’t need to be very formal with these people. They are down to earth and got a very warm personality. They are always ready for someone’s help. You can rely on these people in case of any emergency.


Outdoor Activities in Guna

Guna is not only celebrated for its historical importance but also for some other things. it is home to many adventure events and outdoor activities for individuals with strong adrenaline rushes. Guna is well-known for water sports. Hiking is also prevalent in Guna. One would love their time trekking while adoring the charming environs and scenic loveliness of the region. Most of the visitors who long to indulge in the probe, Guna is the right place to stay.


Connectivity in Guna

Guna has a well-connected railway system with a lot of cities in India. However, there are no straight trains successively between Bhopal and Guna. One could yield the Bhopal Express from Bhopal to Bina and take Mfp St Express from Bina to Guna. Guna is well connected by road to other major cities of the country via consistent buses. The road expanse amid Bhopal to Guna is 218 kilometers. Numerous direct buses are plying from Bhopal, Indore, etc to Guna regularly.


Shopping in Guna

It is a noted fact that shopping in Guna is fun and pleasant with the accessibility of traditional and antique jewelry, and cultural clothing. They have everything in the markets of Guna.  There a few prominent markets in Guna from where you can buy a variety of cultural and customary products that cover the actual heart of the region.  Their markets are found in different vicinities of Guna catering to the necessity of the citizens. The affordability is also a reason to enjoy shopping here. You can also purchase tribal ornaments made of blobs and metals.


Best Tourist Destinations in Guna

Guna has several spiritual temples, forts, memorials, and architecture. When someone is traveling to Guna they should never miss out on the below-stated places in and around the city.

  • Bisbhuji Temple
  • Bajrangarh Fort
  • The Fort of Bhadra
  • Panchmukhi Hanuman Ashram
  • Gopi Krishna Sagar Dam
  • Hanuman Tekri          
  • Jainagarh
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