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In this article, we have provided information about a renowned city Kottayam. The city serves its people with all kinds of services and has very positive vibes on them. To know more information about the city and the trends in properties there, please go through the article.


About Kottayam the famous city

Kottayam is a famous city in the Indian state of Kerala. It is located at an average elevation of 3 meters above sea level. The city has a moderate climate and is a renowned tourist destination. Kottayam is best known as a center of trade and commerce. It is also a hub for education and literature.  The city serves as a center of Kerala's large Christian population. However, they follow all religions.

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Properties For Buy In Kottayam City

Localities in Kottayam

Some of the best localities in Kottayam are given here. We have shortlisted here the places that have all the amenities. These areas are famous for their services, culture, folks, and happy vibes.

Gandhinagar, Adichira, Nagambadam, Collectorate, Varissery, Kanjikuzhi, Thiruvalla, Indira Nagar, Shastri Road, KK Road, Kurishupally, Devalokam Road, Manganam, EerayilKadavu, Manarcadu, Peroor, Edakadathy, Vagamon, Kollad, Elampally, Vakathanam, Nattassery East, Poonjar, Manimala, Mukkoottuthara, Mannanam, Kooroppada, Kodungoor, Vazhoor, Memuri, Veloor, Vennikulam, Alapra, Kangazha, Velluthuruthy, Nedumkunnam, Koovappally.


Reasons to Buy Property in Kottayam

Here we have stated some of the reasons that may help you to decide whether it is a good place or not. These are the points that will make you want a property of own at this place.

  • Good Food - Kottayam has an excess of non-veg foods at its best. It would be a great idea to make friends with some 'achayans' as soon as you land in Kottayam.
  • Awesome Weather - The land is hilly and the weather is warm during summer. It rains profoundly in winter. If you live a little outside the town, you might sense as if you are breathing in some greenish tourist spot in Bali. The sight of rubber trees, churches everywhere.
  • Education Opportunities - The city has schools everywhere from junior level to higher secondary. So, a lot of good opportunities are available.
  • Shopping Hubs - We don't have a mall in Kottayam but the townhouses almost all brand outlets, so no worries for shopping and roaming around.
  • Language - The slang used by these people is very clear to comprehend as they mostly speak normal Malayalam.
  • Friendly People - They are a peace-loving community. They don't much interfere in other's matters. You will rarely hear about any political fights or that sort of nuisance. Nearby tourist spots present in the city are Wagamon, Kumarakom, and Tekkadi.

You would assuredly enjoy your stay in Kottayam if you love peacetime, the loveliness of nature, good food and good persons. So, it would be a great idea to buy land in this place and enjoy your time here. You will get a lot of things that will make your stay a wonderful experience in this city.

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