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Mathura is a very peaceful city in Uttar Pradesh. It is located on the banks of river Yamuna. It is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Mathura is famous as a religious place for Hindus. People, who go to visit Mathura, can see numerous temples of Krishna and Radha. Read on the article to know the complete details about this city.


About Mathura

The most captivating places in Uttar Pradesh is Mathura. This is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and is worshipped as a holy place.

Lots of shrines are there in Mathura like Banke Bihari temple, Krishna Janambhoomi, Radhadamodar, Nidhivan, Radhavallabh, and the list goes on and on. The sugary peda of Mathura is well-known in the whole nation. The temples are situated in trivial and narrow roads. These two places are packed with followers. People from the diverse federations especially from Delhi come to visit Mathura on every holiday and weekend.

Mathura is among the most attractive tourist locations these days. Small paths are always chucked a block. People have countless faith in lord Krishna that’s why they get involved in visiting Mathura.

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Properties For Buy In Mathura City


The people of Mathura are very nice and helping. The best thing about Mathura people is the simplicity of the heart and the satisfactory nature of the upgrading.

You can find here old shrines, houses, and sweet shops. Being that old also you will get every brand showroom in Mathura. It is a great place to live in concord and absent from Metro City Disorder.


Places to visit at Mathura

For a religions person, Mathura is a good place to stay coz inside and close the city there are lots of Krishna shrines


People and environment of Mathura

People in Mathura chose to live a simple lifestyle. Even if they have money in their pocket, then also they do not try t impress people with modernization. Everyone has a very simple dressing sense, high moral values, and a love for their culture and traditions.


Food Facilities at Mathura

One can easily get some super delicious vegetarian food in Mathura. They have a long list starting from the kachori jalebi breakfast to other things like badam milk, peda, etc.


Lifestyle in Mathura

The lifestyle is simple as compared to metro cities. The town has two malls with movie dramas. You can also get pizza hut and domino's here. Apart from that, there is McDonald's on the Mathura Agra highway.

Two movie dramas are there in the town but fundamentally nowhere to go if you want to wander around in the city and hangout. For that purpose, you will have to go five kilometers on the highway or directly thirteen kilometers far on the Agra Mathura road.

There are many well known educational Institutes in Mathura like GL Bajaj college, GLA University, Rajiv Institute of Technology, and Management on the Delhi Mathura highway. Some good schools are also there and BSA engineering college inside the city is also prevalent institute. 

So, if someone can adjust with some little things then Mathura is a good place to love. You will find peace in chaos. People are friendly and everything is perfect.

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