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Mau is also recognized as MaunathBhanjan. It is an industrial municipality and headquarters of the Mau district. It is situated in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, India. The town is acknowledged for its saree industry which is a customary business and centuries-old art of the people of this town.


Properties in Mau

Uttar Pradesh has many cities famous for different reasons. Mau is also one such renowned city in Uttar Pradesh. In this article, we have given information about all the qualities and characteristics of this district. You can go through the article to know in details about this city.


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Perfect Locations of Mau

Some of the best localities that are famous in Mau are GawliPalasia, KhiruBagh and Simrol Road. These areas have the best eating locations, tourist destination, and other facilities. These areas are good as per safety concerns and they also have good healthcare facilities.


Features to be a part of Mau city of Uttar-Pradesh

The atmosphere and the culture of this city are better than any place in India. Even when you have nothing with your money, power then also you has everything here. The people are so homely and calm that every day is a fiesta. Everyone has a humorous and positive outlook towards life and has a logical bent of mind. If you are an individual who mops all the good things from places you visit then Mau is a place for you. You will feel best here because the goodness never finishes. Here, are some of the points that make it a good place.

  • Eating Points - There are various famous eating points in the city. The city’s eateries and sweets shop serve excellent food that is a supplementary benefit for the locals. The food is quite affordable in this city and one can enjoy delicious food at all the places here.
  • Security - The city is very secure as the locals say. You can walk freely without any burden of security. They have good police services as well. Other government facilities are also available in the city. One can walk freely and enjoy their trip to this city with the help of the best services provided.
  • Healthcare Services - There are many famous hospitals in the city including the government hospitals. These hospitals are easily available for the benefit of the local people. One can book an appointment anytime required here. Many famous doctors also provide their services in the city.
  • Connectivity - The city is very well-connected with adjacent cities with the help of railways and roadways. Mau railway station has numerous trains for other cities of the Uttar Pradesh and adjoining states. The adjoining airport to Mau is Varanasi Airport that is around 90 km from the city. Passengers can effortlessly have a nice trip to the city with the help of local conveyance that includes buses and taxis.
  • Tourist Spots - The city also has some famous tourist spots. They have many temples. People from various areas come to visit these temples and enjoy themselves. These areas make it one of the most famous tourist destinations of India. You can enjoy here without investing much money.
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