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Every city in every country retains a distinguishing and extravagant charm in itself particularly when it comes to ethnic and assorted nations like India. Moradabad is also one such beautiful city in Uttar Pradesh that is full of diversity in culture, traditions, and types of people.


About Moradabad

In India, every metropolitan has its magnificent past and has a sole character in itself. Moradabad is known for its status as “Brass City”.  This place is a major industrial city and export hub of brass. The handicrafts and special brass items made in Moradabad are very nice and appreciated by people.  The people of Moradabad are very nice and acquire a good lifestyle.

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Business Model of Moradabad

Moradabad is the Brass City of India. They account for more than 40% of total handiwork transfers from India. Many nations import these brass products from Moradabad including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Middle Eastern countries. The total export turnover of this city was extraordinarily traversed around 47 billion in 2014.

Moradabad Special Economy Zone is the only SEZ developed by Uttar Pradesh Government Developed Board in north India.


Food variety in Moradabad

Second worth recounting thing in Moradabad is its food. Street food in this city is the love for every Moradabadi. The city is called as the heaven for food lovers. There are varieties like special Chicken Biryani, Haleem, MurghShami kabab, Moradabad Moong Daal, Meeting Nalli, and Bheja Fry. Some best food cravings are Nahari-Paya, special MoradabadiQaurma, and Kebabs test blissful in the mouth. Many items are too delicious and eatable for vegetarians too. They keep it composed for both vegan and non- vegan.

Apart from the stereotypically acquainted food streets and minor eateries and shops, there are many eminent hotels in the town for food lovers. One place called Gulshan-E-Kareem, Prince Road, Moradabad is just awesome.

You can conjecture the popularity of Moradabadi foodstuff by the fact that in numerous nearby cities many stands and hotels selling their items mentioned as Moradabadi Biryani and Moradabadi Haleem.


Culture in Moradabad

The people of Moradabad are very secular and respect every religion. They love to live and spend time with each other and are proud of it. Diwali, Holi, Eid, and Muharram are reciprocally honored by all the communities. It is referred to as “Ganga-Jamunitehzeebkagehwara” for people of Moradabad.


Education in Moradabad

In topical years, Moradabad has developed as the educational hub in Uttar Pradesh. Education has been important for the people of the town and also for neighboring regions. There are many confidentially possessed colleges and universities like MIT, IFTM, TMU, and many more. You can also find here many world-class schools like Millennium World School, Suryansh Public School, PMS, KCM, Gandhi Nagar Public School, and CL Gupta World School, and many more.


Benefits of Living in Moradabad

Benefits of living in Moradabad are:

  • The cost of living is truly too low.
  • Flats are also offered at a moderate cost and a good site.
  • Schools don’t have extraordinary fees. World-class schools are also obtainable.
  • Coaching classes deliver superiority education.
  • The prominent places are not too far as the city is not too big.
  • Labor is readily accessible since the city has many peripheral areas and people come to town for jobs etc.
  • Even strangers feel a sense of attachment amongst them.
  • Hill stations are close. One can plan a trip effortlessly without perturbing about the journey.
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