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In a country like where the population is increasing at a rapid rate, there can be a shortage of good areas soon. We have so many places where we can invest our money and have a good life. Madhya Pradesh is a well-known state having so many facilities and is known to be one of the cleanest places in India. In this article, we have given information about a well-known city of MP.

Beauty of Singrauli

Singrauli is a famous city in the Singrauli district in Madhya Pradesh. The place is gifted with plenty of Coal and other natural resources. Therefore, it is evolving as the power capital of India. Most of the people here are directly or indirectly related to the works in power stations. So, people here are mostly from government sectors. This is a good place for simple living. The environment of the city is good and soothing for a natural lifestyle. If you are a worker of NCL or NTPC you will have a lot of accommodations provided by the company. So, it is a good deal for the people of this area.

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Reasons to Buy Properties in Singrauli

There is plenty of reason because of which it is a good idea to invest your money in Singrauli.

  • Lifestyle in Singrauli

All the facilities government facilitates here include 24-hour water supply, 24 * 7 free electricity, free LPG gas, big grounds for playing, clubs to hold birthday gatherings and Marriage rituals, Shopping centers, Gym, Temples and sports auditoriums. All these are obtainable within the company premises.

  • Good Education Facilities

Singrauli has one of the best and inexpensive education facilities compared to other spaces. There are more than 20 CBSE and ICSE board schools. The schools are providing buildings and other amenities by the companies and are within the company buildings. After School for further studies and professional courses, people transfer to Varanasi, Allahabad, Lucknow Delhi, Jabalpur, and Bhopal. Some of the schools in Singrauli are DPS VindhyaNagar, DPS Nigahi, St. Joseph’s School, Shaktinagar

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

The Nehru Hospital is the prime hospital in this area. There are supplementary hospitals in Shaktinagar and Vindhyanagar for slight health problems. So, healthcare facilities are always available in this area.

  • Transportation

There are two railway stations one in Singrauli and the other in Shaktinagar. So, there is no connectivity problem in this area. It is well connected with all the routes. There are direct trains for Jabalpur, Varanasi, and Allahabad, Lucknow as well. For Howrah and Jabalpur, you can get Shaktipunj Express. For traveling to Delhi, you can get a train from RenukootThe roadways bus competence is available for Varanasi, Renukoot, and Mirzapur. There is no airport facility in Singrauli. The Babatpur airport in Varanasi is the adjacent airport.

  • Absence of Shopping Malls

There are no Shopping malls present in this area but lots of local shops are available. Most of the shopping can be done in Waidhan, Jayant and Shaktinagar where you can buy all essential items. There were no movie halls in this area till 2015. But, lately, there is a new Cineplex opened in Waidhan. Here you can watch all the latest movies. There are no big eateries or any Pizza hut, MCD, KFC present in this part. Indian Coffee House in Shaktinagar is well-known for North Indian and South Indian spicy foods.

Buy or Rent your Localities in Singrauli

Some of the best localities in Singrauli are Vindhyanagar, Sarai, Waidhan, Majan, Bargawan, and Bilaunji. These places are famous for their infrastructure, lifestyle, healthcare services, great connectivity, and good places. They have all the amenities required for a good lifestyle. Some of the best places mentioned here attract many people to have a land of their own at such places. The prices of land s are also affordable. You can buy flats, apartments, villas, commercial lands, industrial areas, and personal properties as well.

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