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Ulhasnagar is located in Maharashtra. It is mostly famous for its extensive markets such as the furniture bazaar where you can get practical elucidations to your furniture requirements. Instead of observing inline where you find large furniture that could break your bank, you can find cheaper and compact choices here. In all ways, it is a good place to live. Get all the facts about Ulhasnagar in this article.


About Ulhasnagar

There used to be a period when Ulhasnagar was recognized to be one of the most packed suburbs. When you go past Kalyan-Dombivali you will feel so, but things have changed a lot now. Now the people have started shifting further to Ambernath and Badlapur due to the growth of residential complexes in those areas. These places also have comparatively low housing rates. This led to a noteworthy decrease in the troop in Ulhasnagar. There has been a slight reduction in the rate of population growth due to the expansion in Ambernath and Badlapur.

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If we talk about today there are no such bad neighborhoods in Ulhasnagar, you will find mostly good community only. These kinds of neighbors are helpful here and let you live your life peacefully. So here are some of the few respectable areas in my opinion that are well-positioned in the city and will provide you with a relatively good lifestyle.

  • GolMaidan, Ulhasnagar sector 1
  • C-Block, Ulhasnagar sector 1
  • Nehru Chowk, Ulhasnagar sector 2
  • Khemani, Ulhasnagar sector 2
  • Ramayan Nagar, Ulhasnagar sector 3
  • Shivaji Chowk, Ulhasnagar sector 3
  • Shanti Nagar, Ulhasnagar sector 3
  • O.T section, Ulhasnagar sector 3
  • Ashok Nagar Ulhasnagar sector 3
  • Lal Chakki, Ulhasnagar sector 4
  • SubhashTekdi, Ulhasnagar sector 4
  • Kansai Road, Ulhasnagar sector 4
  • Netaji Chowk, Ulhasnagar sector 4
  • Sambaji Chowk, Ulhasnagar sector 4
  • Kurla camp, Ulhasnagar sector 5
  • Bhatia Chowk, Ulhasnagar sector 5
  • Kailash Colony, Ulhasnagar sector 5

There are loads of other good areas and the above-mentioned ones are just a few of them. These are totally my view and others may vary.


Good Markets in Ulhasnagar

Ulhasnagar is a world-renowned market set up and grown by the Sindhi business community. It is called a mini cosmopolitan city all Bazar. Some of the most famous markets in the city are:

  • Jean Bazar
  • Furniture Bazar having best furniture
  • Car Bazar having world class automobiles
  • Mobile Bazar
  • Readymade Garment Bazar

These markets are located within the range of 2–3 km.


Lifestyle in Ulhasnagar                                       

You will never ever get to see such happy people anywhere in the world. All festival is celebrated here with Great enthusiasm and Joy whichever of philosophy or religious it belongs to. Having public from all religious conviction live here calmly, regarding other religion,


Reasons that make Ulhasnagar a Great Place to Live

For a residing point of view, it is a great place. There is no such problem with traffic. They have good sanitation, so there is no water problem in any area. Moreover, you never ever nap hungry in Ulhasnagar as there is a variety of Food Shops. Many restaurants are available all over Ulhasnagar. Even some Religious temple offers Free Foodthrouhhout the year. Those who can not afford to buy food can get it here.

All this makes Ulhasnagar a wonderful place to live. You can buy property here and invest in large amounts. There are many good things that you will not find anywhere else.

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