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India is a country having a variety of food, language, people and everything when you travel from one state to another. Even in the same state, you can see the variation from one city to another. Uttar Pradesh is one such state which is famous for its cities having all kinds of diversities depending on culture, people, food, and geography. Agra is one such city located in Uttar Pradesh. It is a well-known city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, sited on the banks of the river Yamuna. The city is situated in a very good place such that travel and communication become easy. Delhi deceits 200 km to its north and Lucknow which is the capital of the U.P. is located 363 km to the east of Agra.


Agra: History and Facts

Agra has always been famous on the world map for the monuments located here which were built in the Mughal Dynasty. Taj Mahal, known as one among the Seven Wonders of the World is situated here. One can see a great gathering of people at Agra to see a glimpse of the Taj Mahal. It can fascinate a great number of tourists from across the world. Agra also has other tourist spots having great buildings, architecture and showing the era of the Mughal Empire. One such alluring place is Red Fort. There is one other place known as FatehpurSikri. These three altogether are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Agra principally lies on the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, with Delhi and Jaipur concluding the triangle. Agra has a great history in India. It was a very important city in the Mughal Era known as the capital of India under the Mughal rule. Even nowadays Agra is a very significant city on the map, primarily for its historical implication and tourism.

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Property Rates & Trends of Agra

Here we are providing some statistics to help you know about the population, ratios, and some facts about Agra.

The population of Agra stands to be 15,74,542. The urban population, on the other hand, is 17,46,467. The sex ratio of Agra is 853 per 1000 males which is quite good as compared with other cities. The child sex ratio is 772 per 1000 boys. The typical literacy rate in Agra is 63.44% while the female and male literacy rates are 58.54% and 67.67%. Primary spoken languages in Agra are Hindi, Urdu, and English. Agra was denoted to as Agrevana in the classic Mahabharata. The major religions practiced in Agra are Hinduism, Islam, and Jainism.

To Buy Best Localities in Agra

The top localities in Agra are DayalBagh, Shastripuram, Sikandra and Shamshabad Road. They have all the good areas having the best facilities, transportation and good connectivity. These Porsche areas are for people who have a good budget to spend on their land. Some other localities include Kamla Nagar, Fatehabad Road, Rohtak, Shahganj, Khandari, Taj Nagari, Gwalior Road, and BaroliAhir.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Properties in Agra

Before going for anything it is better to make a well-structured plan. A plan and some curation help one to get the best of offers. Here are some of the things that one should keep in mind when going to buy a property. It can save you from a lot of trouble and will result in good offers.

  • Always to good research about the people who are selling the property

It is better to know about the people you are going to deal with. Sometimes there arise some false cases that can create problems and make you fall in fraud charges. For overseas property investors, it is easy to hand over money and rely on other people to do a deal for them. In this case, it becomes very important to investigate before investing the hard-earned money.

  • Correct paperwork is very important

It is better to appoint an attorney who knows all about purchasing a property. Purchasing property in India is not the same as purchasing a property in foreign countries like the UK, or elsewhere in the entire World. At that time it becomes necessary to have someone to make sure that everything is done legally. It should also be kept in mind that interests are kept in mind correctly.

  • Test all the facilities which are included with the property

It is advisable to test that the facilities provided are in a good state. Checking water supply and ensuring electrics are in a good state is very important. Checking safety measures is a good deed.

  • Check about the developments going to affect that area

It would be better to know about the developments that will affect the area that you are going to buy. Even small changes in the locality can alter the look of your house. If the land is commercial then the after-effects can be major. Surroundings also change as per the workforce of the people. So, it is good to know the area well.

  • Check about the people and the atmosphere

If you want to spend your time peacefully at your new house, then always check with whom you are going to deal with. If the people who are going to live in your neighboring areas are not good enough then it can create a problem sometimes. So, always check about the atmosphere of the locality before going to buy the property.


Development of Agra

Prevalently renowned as an old town with historical tributes, Agra is now peeling this skin and transforming into a city that has modern infrastructure and facilities. One can easily see a lot of changes that have occurred in the past that have changed the look of the city. The credit for the same goes to the tourism industry of Agra. It has changed the face of the city to a large extent.

You can see excellent transport infrastructure in Agra. New developments are going on and construction of the Agra International Airport and Agra-Lucknow Expressway is on the way. The expansion of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) and the development of the Phase-II of the Metro Rail to include Agra are also taking place at a good rate.

These developments and new projects are going to make a super deluxe and good city to have a property. You can spend on commercial as well as personal areas. The developments and growth will soon result in a well-built city having all the required facilities to make it a bigger attraction for people to invest their money.

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