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The two words which strike us when setting out from home are ‘traffic jam’. We find recluse in the Google maps & strive to search for the route which suits us best and is too not riddled with the traffic. Someone even quoted that in case you wish to appreciate beauty & ambiance of the place, check that you enjoy being stuck in the traffic jam too. Weird but there is the silver lining that we miss here.

At present, we are privileged to find out beforehand & prepare ourselves for traffic jams. The scenario of jam creates moments of magic & tragedy. While some may be yelling at trying to squeeze in between lanes, you will see creating moments that they won’t forget. There will be the first-timers driving for first time stuck there, & then there‘ll be some dancing to tunes of music in the car.

Now, when the entire country is trying to tackle with jam & noise pollution which it brings, there is a city in India which has adopted the ‘no honking’ rule. It comes as a breath of some fresh air that makes us rely on that nothing is impossible at all. And the city which has managed to complete the Herculean task is Aizawl.

In Aizawl, it’s not private vehicles, but government vehicles as well which are not permitted to honk. No matter what condition you are in; you are rushing to reach the office at the right time & are stuck in snail-paced traffic. Similarly, all stuck in Aizawl city will be in a hurry to reach the destination. Despite all sulking & frustration, no one honks or even tries to overtake/break queues here.

This has become possible in Aizawl city because of people’s initiative. This is a city of approx 3.5 lacs people, & has 1.25 lakh vehicles that are registered. In case you stuck in jam, it may take a person 01 or 02 hours to cover the distance of just 15 km.

The fact is, maintaining the traffic discipline is the basic rule of Mizoram. The primary reason behind it is due to approx 50% urbanization rate. Aizawl city faces the issue of increasing population & more vehicles. Although, there is no space left to expand & it is the reason why strict rules are applied.

Honking is a common source of noise pollution, & in the report, Mumbai was declared as the nation’s noisiest city that was followed by New Delhi, Lucknow, Hyderabad, & Chennai. However, some steps have been taken to deal with the issue, people suffer from blaring honking from vehicles.

Other cities can take a cue from Aizawl city, & try adopting the same. Additionally, in case you are craving for noise-free vacation or life, you know that where to go.

This makes the place the finest to buy property in India. When you are going to buy property in Aizawl, you will find several reasons to be here. 

The capital of the state, Aizawl is home to Mizoram State Museum, Solomon's Temple & for the shopping, there is Burra Bazaar. Tamdil Lake is 85 kilometers from a city near Saitual village, is the main tourist draw, where folks can enjoy boating & fishing. From Durtlang Hills, a person can enjoy breathtaking views of the city & it is an ideal area for ardent trekkers & hikers.

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Solomon’s Temple in Aizawl – A Unique religious place in India 

Mizoram has been blessed with new attraction as Solomon’s Temple – one-of-its-kind church opened its doors to the public.

Located in a forested area, in Kidron Valley, Chawlhmun, towards the western side of Aizawl city, magnanimous church witnesses arrival of hundreds of visitors from India and abroad. Mass prayers & ceremonies are made in it.

Solomon’s Temple is made by the efforts of Kohhran Thianghlim, a religious group. In 1991, God showed me the Solomon’s Temple in my dream. I did not thought about Solomon’s temple in the past, nor had dreams of making it. When I woke up, I wrote details since I saw it in the dream, said by Lb Sailo, founder of Kohhran Thianghlim Church.

The church has been built utilizing imported white marble, that makes it first place of worship in the Mizoram built in marble.

Foundation stone of the church was laid in the year 1996 & the church has a seating capacity of 3,000 people. However, construction started in the year 1997, it took two decades to materialize structure. According to the reports, Solomon’s temple looks the same as to namesake church of Jerusalem spoken of in the Old Testament. Courtyard of the church that has been named as ‘Porch of Solomon’s Temple’, is large and can accommodate 10,000 people at time. The majestic church has 12 doors. For such reasons, Solomon’s Church has earned epithet Mizoram’s biggest church.

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