Bhagalpur is situated at Bihar and is widely popular for the buyers to buy or rent property on rent. The city has several famous places that everybody wants to see and due to which, most of the people visit here and wish to buy property. 

Vikramshila Vihar 

The Buddhist monastery & learning center was established during reign of Buddhist king Dharmapala in the 8th century. It is situated in Bhagalpur district of Bihar state & it is noted for brick-made stupa, made at center of monastery, for purpose of worship. The stupa has 02 terraces, walls of which are filled with the terracotta plates of varied deities, animals & social scenes.

Spending holiday in forests is good thrilling adventure. Traveling into animal territory is similar to coming closer to pure form of nature. Watching wild animals from a small distance can be enthralling. India country is blessed with several such wildlife parks where one can visit & generate sense of excitement. Every wildlife park acts as one of its kind since it possesses some aspects to offer to traveler. Some examples encompass Bhagalpur Park, Corbett Park, vast Sunderban, Dachigam Park & Himalayan National Park.

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Vikramshila, Bhagalpur Overview

Known to be the most prominent Buddhist learning places during Pala Empire, Vikramshila was established as measure when quality of education at Nalanda started rapidly declining . Found by Pala King Dharmapala, sometime between 8th & 9th century, Vikramshila was part of network of 05 important learning centres of era, & it was a home to more than 100 teachers & 1000 students.

Information on Vikramshila, Bhagalpur is found in Tibetan writings, Tibetan Monk of 16th & 17t century. Subjects taught in centre included Metaphysics, philosophy, Indian Logic, Grammar, Tantrism and so on. One of the most popular Scholars of Vikramshila, Bhagalpur is abbot Atisha Dipankara who found Sarma traditions in Tibetan Buddhism. Vikramshila prospered & taught its students for more than 04 centuries since the establishment. Vikramshila’s prosperity came to end when Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed it in year 1193 along with other Buddhist centres.


Ruins of Vikramshila

Excavation site of ruins of Vikramshila which we see is located 50 km to east of Bhagalpur city. Excavations conducted during years 1960 to 1969 & 1972 to 1982 revealed square structure of big monastery. Centre of Square compound is adorned by Stupa built in bricks & mud mortar. Stupa in centre of Vikramshila was constructed for worship that looks like cross on plan. Height of stupa is about 15 metres from ground level &b has 02 terraces one over other & has concentric circular paths, approx 4.5 m wide on lower terrace & 3 metres wide on upper terrace. Main Structure of stupa is over upper terrace with 04 antechambers in each direction & at end of each antechamber, enormous Stucco images of the seated Buddha which have been broken from waist up. 

Flourishing Terracotta art of period can be seen on walls that depict countless Buddhist & Hindu Deities along with several scenes including human & animal figures indulged in one or other activities. Monastery where Buddhist monks resided, is enormous structure of square shape of sides measuring approx 330 m. 208 cells with each side of monastery having fifty two cells open up to central veranda give insight into life of Buddhist monks of period. Monastery building is connected to Library building on Southwest corner by narrow corridor. Library building was air-conditioned by system that used water from nearby reservoir & air vents to preserve manuscripts.

All articles unearthed & acquired from excavation of Vikramshila had been maintained by Archeological Survey of India (ASI) in Museum on excavation site. ASI has been trying to develop site in hope to restore fraction of former glory of Vikramshila. Vikramshila Mahotsav, cultural fest is held on site every year during February month. As recognition of Importance, Indian Railway has named train running from Delhi city to Bhagalpur city as Vikramshila Express. 



Kuppaghat is place located by banks of holy river Ganges in Bhagalpur, Bihar. Kuppaghat means “cave by banks of river” & accordingly has cave that is believed to have been utilized by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans as place for meditation. Kuppaghat has been changed in later years as Maharshi Mehi Ashram & has grown to be pilgrimage for Followers of Santmat. Every year on occasion of Birth Anniversary of Maharshi Mehi, Maharshi Santsevi who was theMehi’s successor & on Guru Purnima, Ashram is visited by several devotees. The dearness of devotees made Ashram as National Headquarters of Akhila Bharatiya Santmat-Satsang. Kuppaghat Ashram has well-maintained garden & Orchard with sculptures & paintings of scenes depicting the Lord Rama’s visit to the Shabari & also of Jatayu’s death in hands of Ravana with spiritual quotes.

Talking about the facilities, there is a new train that is started to make transportation better.


Western Railway to run Gandhidham-Bhagalpur train

To clear extra rush of passengers during summers, Western Railway (WR) will run trains between the Bandra Terminus & Ghazipur in UP & between Gandhidham in Gujarat & Bhagalpur in Bihar.

Train will halt at many important stations in both directions & will have AC II Tier, AC III Tier, sleeper class & general second class coaches.

Other summer special- train Gandhidham"Bhagalpur weekly on the special fare will make 06 trips between 02 destinations via Anand & Godhra.

Gandhidham"Bhagalpur weekly special train depart from Gandhidham every Friday & reach Bhagalpur at 6 pm. 

On return leg, train Bhagalpur-Gandhidham Express depart from Bhagalpur every Monday & arrive Gandhidham on Wednesday.

Tickets can be booked at all the PRS counters & IRCTC site.



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