Famous as ‘city of textiles & looms’, Bhilwara is a home to world renowned Ramdwara of Ramsnehi Sampraday. Founder Guru of Sampraday, Swami Ramcharanji Maharaj, preached to the followers here & later decided to shift to Shahpura. Present day headquarters of Ram Snehi Sampraday, called as Ram Niwas Dham are situated in Shahpura.

Some folks say that Bhilwara town got the name from Bhils (tribal people) who used to live there during days of yore. According to the story, city of Bhilwara had mint that minted coins called as ‘bhiladi’. It is origin of district’s name. Bhilwara's cultural history can too be traced back to Nagar Brahmins mentioned in Skanda Purana.

Bhilwara town or city has several beautiful  places to visit where you can come and take some good memories with you to your home. These places make the property market in Bhilwara town in demand. 

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Badnore Fort 

Badnore Fort is a magnificent fort situated in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. At distance of around 180 km from Udaipur city, fort makes the finest vacation getaways from Udaipur city.

Architecture of Badnore Fort

Situated on the Bhilwara-Asind Road, Badnore Fort is big 07 storied Fort standing atop small hill that allow it to offer widespread & stunning view from fort. Architecture of Fort reflects that of traditional Rajputana style too.

Although fort is in state of decay, it represents majesty & architectural glory of Rajput rulers of Rajasthan state. Fort has been constructed as it has offered defense to rulers back then & has served as mute witness to lot of dissension in earlier days.

Fort is placed near Lake that doesn’t gives awe-striking view but has blocked invaders to attack from one side. Lake water was major source of water for occupants of fort.

Inside Fort

To enter fort, one has to go through huge Gateway that is known as Bada Darwaza. 02 temples can be spotted at entrance of fort. As you move further, you’ll find prison with separate cells with numerous stables.

Apart from that, fort possesses several rooms that are spread across various levels & each room has small window. Windows were not constructed for decoration only but they were used to aim at invaders & shoot at them. It provided stability to people to focus & attack. While many of them used protruding balconies for same.

There is Palace near fort named as Jalmahal Palace that is built on banks of Vinodsagar Lake. The palace was served as summer house for kingly residents of fort.



Pur Udan Chatri is around 10 km from Bhilwara city. It is known for Udan Chatri & Adhar Sheela Mahadev, where geographical wonder of huge rock resting on small one attracts the tourists.



Kyara ke Balaji has image of Lord Hanuman that locals believe appeared on rock. When seeing Kyara ke Balaji, you can too visit other places like Ghata Rani Temple, Patola Mahadev Temple, Beeda ke Mataji Temple & Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.



Cows are livelihood for most of locals in Bhilwara city. Thus, Madhav Cow Science Research Centre in village Gaadarmala is quite famous since it gives them knowledge & know-how on how to care for animals.



Situated approx. 16 kms from Bhilwara, is Mandal, where you can find cenotaph of Jagganath Kachhawaha, known as Battis Khambon ki Chhatri. As name suggests, this is handsome chhatri (cenotaph) inclduing 32-pillars made with the sandstone. Some of them possess attractive carving at base & on upper portion. Chhatri too encloses huge Shivaling.



Founded by ancestors of Darak family & named after nearby village, Harni Mahadev is Shiva temple, situated approx 8 kms from city. Surrounded by hills, this is beautiful destination for the tourists.



Shakti Peetha is place of worship consecrated to goddess Shakti/Sati, female principal of Hinduism & main deity of Shakta sect. In Bhilwara, Gayatri Shakti Peeth is situated near to main city bus stand.



3 kms away from Sangariya is Dhanop, little village where you can visit Sheetla Mata Temple. Colourful temple has red walls & pillars, chequered marble floor & idol of goddess Sheetla in black stone.



Across India, Balaji is name fondly bestowed upon monkey god, Hanuman. Shri Beed ke Balaji is temple is located 3 kms away from the Kanechhan village in Shahpura tehsil. Surrounded by nature, it is wonderful spot to visit in case you wish to experience tranquillity & peace.



Several visitors in Bhilwara city head to Rajsamand, where revered Charbhuja Mandir is situated. Temple, situated at convenient distance from the Bhilwara city, is consecrated to the Lord Vishnu. It is located in Kotri tehsil.



Bagore Sahib is historical gurudwara where Shri Guru Govind Singh Ji stayed on journey to the Punjab. Gurudwara is located around 20 kms from town of Mandal in village Bagore of Mandal. It has been blessed by visit of Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.


Chamunda Mata Mandir is located on hills of Harni Mahadev. Once on top, one can get view of whole city. Location, just 5 kms from Bhilwara, is place to visit in case you seek peace.



Dating back to middle of 11th century, Jataun ka Mandir is Shiva temple which is said to have been constructed by Bhil tribal who was regarded to be among first settlers here.



Ganesha Temple is shrine dedicated to elephant god, Ganesha. Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated with the great fanfare & draws folks across the Rajasthan. Festive Ganesh Mela is too held at that time.



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