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Chittoor is an eminent city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is situated in the basin of the Ponni River. Chittoor is a marketplace for grain, peanuts, and sugarcane. The famous industries here include oilseed and rice milling. Jaggery is obtained here from the Aragonda area. It is a small town near Chittor which is prominent throughout the country. Chittor is a chief place for fabricating hatcheries and mangoes. So, all these things work in order to make it one of the most worthy living places in the South. Read the article to get complete details about why it is a great idea to buy properties in Chittoor.


About Chittoor

Chittoor is a well-known city for India's supreme temples. The lord Venkateshteshwara temple located in Tirumala of Chittoor district is India's most treasured temple. This city is celebrated for its culture and rituals. The word ‘'chitt’' in Chittoor means information in Sanskrit which states the people in this region are crafty and clever.

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Facts about Chittoor

The KanipakaVarasiddiVinayaka temple is a temple where it is believed that the idol was not formed by any human but arose from a well which grows in size every year. Moreover, history defends its distinction.

  • The Chandragiri castle was the headquarters of the Vijayanagara rulers once upon a time.
  • This district is remarkable for tourism potential. The Srikalahastheswara temple, Talakona Waterfalls, and Kigal waterfalls are some of the most visited places here.
  • Boyakonda, Horsley Hills, Venkatagiri castle, Papavinashani and Aakashganga of Tirumala, and Arthagiri Temple are also some of the prominent spots in this city.
  • Some famous arts include the Venkatagiri silk saree industry, and the Neerugattuvaaripalli Saree industry. People from all over the world come to purchase from these industries.
  • It is worth seeing the city with lots of delicious food items. Some drool-worthy items can make you forget all the worries and just enjoy yourselves.
  • Some of the greatest people of Chittoor include Nara Chandrababu Naidu who is the present CM of Andhra Pradesh. We also have our very own ChittorNagayya the first hero of the great Tollywood Film industry, and CR Ramalinga Reddy is also a very famous personality here.
  • Indian National Anthem was composed in BT college of Madanapalle in Chittoor District.
  • This city has a history of 110 years and it generates history every day.


Reasons to buy properties in Chittoor

  • Connectivity - The city is very well connected by roads. There are many national highways directly connected. So, traveling and finding conveyance is not a  deal in Chittoor.
  • People in Chittoor - People of South India are just awesome. Sometimes understanding the language can be a task. But if you are good at English then this problem does not arise. Folks are very friendly here and understand you.
  • Education - We all know that South India is known for its education and intelligent people. You will get the best institutes here. Whether it is for engineering, medical or primary education, you will find all kinds of schools and colleges.
  • Safety - The place is very safe. No need to be hesitant or feel any fear of traveling or staying.
  • Tourism - South India supports tourism in a very good way. They have some of the best tourist spots to make you happy on weekends.
  • Health care Facilities - Best doctors are available here. Around the clock, medical services can be obtainable.

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