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Dimapur is the largest city and commercial hub of Nagaland. The city is humid in the summers and soberly cold in winter. So, the weather remains quite good here. Well, these things make it a good place to have a property of your own. In this article, we have given complete information about Dimapur.


About Dimapur

Dimapur is a very famous city in Nagaland. Most of the trade of Nagaland is due to Dimapur. The city is the gateway to Nagaland and Manipur.

Numerous cafes have bounced up in recent years; shopping malls have also opened up. Since the city hosts an important number of non-locals, Indian eateries to have pounced up in this city. Night clubs are also there. It’s the most varied city of Nagaland with its numerous tribes and non-locals cohabiting peacefully. It’s perhaps the safest city in India for women.

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All in all, Dimapur is a great place to stay if you are working with the government or PSU Banks. Even for other trades also, it would be a great experience. The rent is cheap here. One can easily afford to pay it. The food is great in this city. They are friendly.

Dimapur is perhaps the most assorted city in Nagaland. It is home to diverse tribes and even non-locals. Almost all the shops and trades are run by nonlocals and that is also one of the main reasons why the people here don't have a decent economy here. Here most of the persons fit the middle-class background and are happy with their lives. Dimapur being one of the greatest cities in Nagaland is usually very packed and due to the bad roads and polluted environment can be seen in some parts.


Reasons to Buy Property in Dimapur

Some of the reasons that make it a good place to live are stated here:

  • Lifestyle in Dimapur - Lifestyle in Dimapur is superior to another district in Nagaland. It has good schools, offices, shopping malls, and businesses. Most of the people are very humble and friendly in this region. They respect each other and spread love always.
  • Safety - Dimapur is a quite multicultural and safe city. It is unquestionably safe for girls too. One can roam around without the fear of anything. You can visit different places and do whatever you want. There are no conditions applied for the same. Men and women are treated equally in this place and that is a good way of being safe and secure.
  • Connectivity - There is never a problem getting any conveyance in this city. The city is well connected. You can go from one place to another in an easy manner. Roads have massively amended so now getting in and out of town is easy.
  • Night Life - Most of the eateries including KFC are open till 10 pm and busy with activity. So, you can enjoy yourself until that time. Do reminisce that sunrise is early so trades open early and close early. So don't associate with other places the timings we trail here.
  • Food - Food is superb in this place. You get all cuisines including Indian, Thai, Chinese, continental, Naga, and Tibetan. People are a fan of Chinese food here. You will love the spices used by the vendors here.
  • Healthcare Services - The city has all kinds of healthcare services. 24X7 facilities are available here.

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