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Rajasthan is a very famous state for its beautiful destinations, scenic views, and culture. In this article, we have discussed one such city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur. To get an idea about the property trends in Rajasthan and other information, please go through the article.


Jodhpur city of kings

Jodhpur is a city in the state of Rajasthan. It was factually the capital of the Kingdom of Marwar, which is now a portion of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is a very prevalent tourist destination. It features many forts, castles, and temples. The city is set in the stark background of the Thar Desert. It is commonly known as Blue city and Sun City among folks of Rajasthan and all over India. The city is very famous among foreigners for their vacations. They come and enjoy themselves in this beautiful place.

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Reasons to Buy Properties in Jodhpur

Some of the noticeable points about Jodhpur are:

  • Small city: It is a small city so you don't have to travel lengths for something. You can be wherever you want within 20 mins.
  • Developed city: Bearing in mind the number of people residing in Jodhpur, it is far more advanced than cities of comparable people.
  • Water: The problem of water shortage is not as bulging here as in other parts of Rajasthan.
  • Peace: Jodhpur is a serene city in itself.


Localities in Jodhpur

Some of the best localities of Jodhpur are Laxmi Nagar, Bhakrasni, Anganwa, Rai Ka Bagh, Nandri, Baldev Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar, Ramdev Nagar, Dheenani Ki Dhan, and Shyam Nagar. These places have the best safety services, healthcare facilities, and tourist spots. Some other famous spots are Mahadev Nagar, Vishnu Ki Dhani, Cantt Area, Banar Road, and Soder Ki Dhani. The cost of land in these places is quite affordable. One can easily buy the type of property they want in these places.


Environment of Jodhpur

People in Jodhpur are some of the loveliest people you will ever in India. They are attentive, friendly, helping and tremendously hospitable. They will attend to you and will look very fascinated even if they don't understand you. However, they are also too attentive in what everybody else is doing.

Jodhpur is also rather retrograde and still has that rural assertiveness. A fun night-life comprises eating more than enough fatty food at a restaurant. You can try getting out around 11 pm and going for a drive in the city with loud music. There are so many fun things to do in Jodhpur.


Eateries in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is recognized across the country for its tasty food. There are so many delicacies and many of them are vegetarian. A few of them are approximately impossible to find outside this state. The same goes for sweets and puddings. They have some different kind of taste that you will not find anywhere else.


Connectivity in Jodhpur

Jodhpur has good inter-city transport. All buses in the state travel through Jodhpur. It also has good train connectivity with trains going from Jodhpur to almost all major cities. Two trains go to Mumbai and two trains to Delhi per day. All these trains go through Jaipur. The city also has flight connectivity for Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur.

If roving within the city, you need a car or a motorbike or acquire an auto-rickshaw. They don’t travel as per distance meter and all prices are conveyed before the journey.


Shopping spots at Jodhpur

Jodhpur is also an acknowledged shopping destination for all reliable cultural Rajasthani items fluctuating from camel-leather shoes to tailor-made bridges and suits. Traditional Indian attires for both men and women are very famous here. The list is interminable.


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