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Kolhapur is a very prevalent city in Maharashtra. This city is known for its temples, religious places, nice people, and beautiful destinations. Many people visit Maharashtra and this place for their vacations. If you are thinking of relocating here or buying some property then it would be a nice idea. You can go through this article to get all the details.


About Kolhapur      

Kolhapur is possibly one of the most charming cities in Maharashtra. It is well-known for almost each and every field be it tourism, foodstuff, historical background, or people. Here we have provided the main highlights of this city that makes it stand above the rest.

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Properties For Rent In Kolhapur City:-

Historical Background of Kolhapur

Kolhapur is sanctified with an amusing historical background. It is baptized as Dakshin Kashi owing to its rich mystical history. Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj transported peace and prosperity to Kolhapur in his eras. From that time till now it has been a very peaceful and loving place to live. People consider it to be a very systematic city with solutions on every term.


People of Kolhapur              

You will hear it from everywhere that Kolhapur has some of the most amazing people. They are just so chilled out and know their roots as well. You will enjoy meeting them and having some of them as your guests or neighbors as well.


Travel and Tourism at Kolhapur

Tourist spots like Panhala Fort and Rankala Temple are very famous religious spots. You can also visit Siddhagiri Museum. These places are much famous among tourists. You can have a good vacation in Kolhapur and that too without spending much money. So, have fun when you visit Kolhaout for property negotiations.


Taste of Kolhapur

If you are in Kolhapur then you should not miss the plates of tambdarassa and pandhrarass. KolhapuriMisal is also a very famous dish among food lovers in Kolhapur. Many folks visit Kolhapur just to have a bite of these delicious food items.


Infrastructure and Famous Religious Spots

Jyotiba temple and Mahalaxmi temple are the main lures of Kolhapur. Thousands of travelers visit these two consecrated temples every year. Festivals are feted on a very enormous scale in these temples.


Kolhapuri Chappal which is extremely famous

Kolhapurichappal creation is a chief handicraft industry for the employees in Kolhapur. Over 20,000 craftspersons in the district are employed in this work for ages. Kolhapur chappals are flat, convolutedly decorated, handcrafted leather footwear. It is conventionally made in Kolhapur by the Chamar community people whose inherited occupation is browning and leatherwork.

So, all this makes Kolhapur a worthy place to live in. You can also find all kinds of properties here. It ranges from small flats to PGs, hostels, parks, hotels, and everything.

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