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Sagar is an eminent city in Madhya Pradesh. It is a stunning place for it has a brilliant and wide lake. There are charming hills called Patharia hills. Dr. Hari Singh Gour University is also here which is a central university. It is acknowledged for its branches of Applied Geology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Forensic Science. Know the detailed information about this city in this article.


About Sagar

If you don’t want to be a part of the rush of Delhi, Mumbai like metropolitan cities, then you will be quite pleased residing here. The city is away from all the chaos.

Sagar city is on the hill. It is all about calm sunrise, lovely sunsets, gorgeous weather patterns. You would not get here the usual traffic jams. There are a few good restaurants but the food will be delicious. You will also get easy transportation. So, what else does a quiet regime ask for?

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Places to Visit in Sagar

Sagar is such a beautiful place you will get ample places to explore. The state capital is located at a 3.5-hour distance. On the way, you'll have lovely Rahatgarh waterfalls. It is a very famous and attractive place. HSG University has an astonishing assessment of the town. There’s a famous Lakha Banjara Lake and NauradehiAbhyaran. You will also get a pathway, and Varun Smiriti is also a good place to visit for the weekends.

It’s a peaceful place, and of course, called the “Switzerland of MP”. When there's a period to bring your demanding life to peace, you can see the mini form of the state here.

People of Sagar

Everything comes with imperfection and so here is that the people have a traditional mentality. Well, that's not a big subject if you associate it with the quietness that its assurances. So, dealing with that will not be a problem.


In Sagar, it feels like you are breathing at a historical place. It is a place with a philosophy having great implications with historical places from Udaigiri, Aabchand caves, and fort of Gadpehra and Rahatgarh. There is also rajghat, Sanjay Drive. One place is the Rahatgarh waterfall. Many other religious places like Shiva temple, Rangir temple, and Hanuman temple are also ready to be explored.


Sagar is not overdue in the education part also. It has the first established University of MP administered under the Central government. It was India’s 16th university established by Sir Dr. HarisinghGour in 1946. He was the first Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University. The Sagar University is the individual university having a Forensic Science laboratory in the whole state and there is no additional lab in MP.


The lifestyle of people here is very simple. Most of them are middle-class people having good cultural values. Chances are there but unquestionably up to a level. Good eateries and small shopping places are also here.

Healthcare Services

There are hospitals present for various ailments. One can be treated at ease.

Apart from a trivial semi-urban residence, the city is well surrounded politically. Sagar is a city that can provide all you need, without that metro city haste and that is the most amazing part.

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