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Siliguri is a famous city in West Bengal. It is located within the beautiful Himalayas, surrounded by tea gardens. It has eminent North Bengal Science Centre. Get all the details about this city in this article. It would be a great deal to buy properties for future purposes in this article.


About Siliguri

Siliguri is known for its tea, transport, travel, and timber. It is located about 80 kilometers commencing Darjeeling. This attractive plains town lies on the sets of Mahananda River and the foothills of Himalayas. The hill station's markets are lively with travelers throughout the year.

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Reasons to Buy Properties in Siliguri

Siliguri is the place of amity. It is the town of all you demand. It has nearly everything in a city to live in. It is also the center of a businessman. The craziest of Siliguri is the people here. Most of the girls and boys are consequently friendly here and help a lot when needed. No matter from wherever you go but in Siliguri, they will delight you like a family.

If you are absorbed in tourism then Siliguri is the finest place to stay. Also, close places like Meerik, Kalimpong, and Gangtok are best. Unseasonable monsoon can be experienced here. Never too hot here and never too cold but you can feel the unpleasant cold of Siliguri if you are very recent. The dressing elegance of this place is exclusive, at every step you will surely find diversities of look acquired by the people.


Location of the city

The best part of this city is the geographic whereabouts of Siliguri. It is very close to luxurious forests and the Himalayas. Here you can escape in nature in less than 20 minutes if you want. Siliguri is very near to Darjeeling tea and also to the state of Sikkim.

Connectivity - It is situated near the borders of three neighboring countries Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is a world inheritance is also here.

People of Siliguri - Different groups live here in harmony. One can find Bengalis, Biharis, Nepalis, Bhutias, Marwadis, Lepchas and many other persons from different cultures existing and enjoying together in this city.

Lifestyle - The people of this city enjoy a good lifestyle. They have peace, worthy food, and good shopping options. There are also many traveling options close at hand without the noise and contamination of a metro.

Places to Visit - There are many places that you can explore in Siliguri. There are quest sports like paragliding and rafting available if you are eager to travel a few hours concluded the Mahananda wildlife sanctuary. Bengal's first safari park is here in Salugara. The weather is not thrilling and its smooth and clear all through the year. You can see Mount Kanchenjungha from the roofs at dawn and evening when the sky is vibrant. Siliguri is heaven for concord loving folks, voyagers and food lovers. Now it's up to the people of this city who wish to settle here neighborhood to look after this attractive city.

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