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The southern part of India has always been famous for its diversity in culture, religion, and tourist spots. When one plans their vacations in India then the first place you will ever want to visit would be in the southern state. They have a good environment, people and destinations to die for. So, in such a condition there is no need to explain why it is a good idea to spend some amount on buying a property in these areas. In this article, we have discussed one such city called Thanjavur.

Beauty of Thanjavur

Thanjavur is a famous city in Tamil Nadu. It is a great center of South Indian religion, art, and style. This place includes many famous temples and destinations that attract millions of tourists every year. There is an 11th-century Brihadeeswarar Temple. It is a vast Chola dynasty–era multifaceted with a frescoed interior. Thanjavur has many qualities that can make it an ideal place to live. The amenities required for a good life are included in all the areas of this city. Apart from that, there are also good connected roads, rails, and other ways of routes. You can find all kinds of properties in Thanjavur.

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Localities you can find to buy property in “Thanjavur”

Some of the famous localities in Thanjavur are given in the list provided here. These areas have all the basic amenities. Apart from the great geographical locations, these localities also have other facilities like healthcare services, good connectivity, great electricity availability, better government facilities. One can easily choose their choice of the area from the places given below.

Cauvery Nagar, Punnainallor, Yagappa Nagar, VOC Nagar, Punalkulam, Gnanam Nagar, Sri Saradha Nagar, Kumbakonam, Vivekanandar Nagar, Budalur, Pattukkottai, Ammapettai, Membalam, Muniyampatti, Injikollai, Balaganapathy Nagar, Vallam, Palliagraharam, Indira Nagar, Sengipatti, Neelagiri, Surakottai, Pillayarpatti, Melavelithottam, Parisutham Nagar, Sundram Nagar, Mannargudi, Thulajapuram Colony, Thiruvarur, Peravurani, Ayyampet, Rahman Nagar, Thalavapalayam, Srinivasapuram, Ramani Nagar, Vilar Road, Rajakrisnapuram, Eswari Nagar, Eiswari Nagar, Attar Mohalla, Maravanvayal, Madhakottai, Sundaram Pillai Nagar, Patteeswaram.


You should know before buy Property in Thanjavur

Thanjavur has been developing at a greater rate. The city has seen good growth in the past some time. There are many reasons because of which you can be benefitted by investing in some properties in this city. The call for Residential Property in Thanjavur has augmented tremendously in the past years. Most of the people are showing interest in the kind of properties like Flats, and Individual, Villas, Builder Floor, Shops, Office Space, Residential Plot, and Commercial Lands. One can also invest in Hotel & Restaurants in this city to find their dream property here at affordable prices.

Here we have stated the reason because of which Thanjavur is a great place to invest your hard-earned money.

  • Good infrastructure

There is no doubt about the fact that the infrastructure of this city is great. One can easily see that in different locations of the city. You will love the areas and surely like to have a property of your own in such areas.

  • Beautiful roads and great healthcare services

The city has good connected and beautiful roads. The city is easy accessibility to healthcare services.  You can easily find good hospitals nearby your place

  • Land prices are comparatively very cheap

The prices are comparatively very low and affordable in this area.

  • No industrial pollution at all

The city is located peacefully. You will not find the chaos here and live a peaceful life. This place is very safe for everybody. One can feel safe here and no need to worry about security. Even in village intersections neighboring.

  • Government machinery functions well

All government bodies work in a good way. You would not need to run here and there to make your work done. 

  • Good connectivity with rail and road transport

The connectivity of all the areas is very good. You can travel easily using all the ways.

  • Mostly peace loving people

The people in the nearby areas are very friendly and welcoming. Pleasing people are very important to have a good peaceful life.

  • Absolute fresh clean air

There is no pollution at this place. So, you will get good fresh air that will result in a healthy body and mind.

  • Lifestyle comparatively very down to earth

This area has very nice people. So, they are very down to earth and have a very simple lifestyle. Every reasonable class lives here. It is central to any tourist destination. Ne can easily find all the basic everyday needs here at prices reasonable for almost everything. One can also find good places here to eat like A2B, Dominos, SKB, Sangam, Sattar, and Lakshmi. The people are very accommodative.

  • Great Environment and Places to Visit

You can find a variety of birds, small animals here if you live just outside the main town. One can find lots and lots of bird species here, both seasonal/migrant and also perpetual residents in surrounding areas. This place has very little traffic compared to the mindboggling manacles of the metro cities. You will also find an Indian Air Force Base in Thanjavur. The Airport line is about less than an hour's drive from this place. 

The overall life is pretty simple in Thanjavur. It has all worldly amenities available here that one can enjoy. You will also get very good internet connectivity in this city. Because we all know how important is the internet in today’s generation. There are also good computer showrooms available like Dell, Lenovo, and Asus. Almost all leading banks have their branches here that are easily accessible. One of the most important things is that they have very responsive electricity board people. Even if letdowns happen they try and resolve the issue ASAP. The Electricity board informs in advance via SMS about a shutdown for preservation. One has to live it to experience it. Many things are just unexplainable. No one can explain what great experience they are having in this city. One can also feel the same by having a property here.

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